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  • Comprehensive Water Analysis-24 Hour Results
    The state of Minnesota, by state statute, requires that your well driller, prior to placing your well in service, have the well tested to ensure that you are receiving a potable, sanitary, safe supply of water. It should be pointed out to you that these test results are not valid for an indefinite period of time. In fact, it is highly recommended that your well be checked on an annual basis to make certain that the well continues to produce uncontaminated, safe water.
  • Coliform Bacteria: This is a bacteria that is found in the digestive tract of all warm blooded animals. The bacteria is passed out of the body with solid waste. Thus, the bacteria is used as an indication of contamination from a sewage source. An acceptable test result for these bacteria is expressed as "Coliform bacteria, less than 1/100ml." If these bacteria are found to be present in your well water, the well should be chlorinated by your well driller and the well should be resampled until a satisfactory test result of "less than 1/100ml" is obtained.
  • Nitrate Nitrogen: Nitrate nitrogen is the second test that is run. Nitrate nitrogen is one of the chemical results of the chemical breakdown of sewage. Thus, Nitrate nitrogen is also used as a test indicator of contamination entering your water supply. Nitrate nitrogen can have a significant health effect that you should be aware of. When Nitrate is found in excessive amounts it can lead to the illness known as infant methemoglobinemia. This is commonly known as the condition of a blue baby. The Nitrate nitrogen interferes with the blood's ability to exchange oxygen. Because of this possible disorder a limit of 10.0 mg/l of Nitrate nitrogen has been set on drinking water. If the test result exceeds 10.0 mg/l, serious thought should be given to finding a new supply of water.
  • If you have any questions concerning these tests or any other tests that you may wish to have performed on your water, please feel free to contact us at any time.
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